Pomp, Circumstance and Crayons

Today was the graduation at the preschool. It was a fun, busy day. Woke up and helped mom prepare foods. One of my babies had to go to the doctor as well. This morning I wasn’t really hungry, (probably the jack in the crack so close to sleep sleep) so i searched for something simple but savory (cause that is what i was craving). Ended up with:

Instant Chow Mein - Shrimp Flavor

Ate about 1/3 or so… wasn’t really feeling it. Then got showered, dressed and ready to go!

Stopped at sbizzle and got my usual.

Then ate 1.5 quesadillas, made with oaxaca cheese and flour prepared by my mommy. Da bomb. Then spent some time preparing for the graduation and running to the store. Grad took place. The kiddies were soooo adorable. Then dinner! No pictures, because I was too busy inhaling 2 tacos (one of chicken, one of carnitas), some rice and beans, 1 pork tamale with red sauce, 1 quesadilla and some tres leches cake. Nom nom nom. The ppl hired to cater the party made some delicious tacos, delectable beans, tamale and rice were alright, cake was delish.

Then clean up! Lots of packing and unpacking. Then home. At home, drank some sangria with the parental units and munched on some left over carne asada. We have mexican food left over for the rest of life. So much food.


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